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Hi I'm James aka Dr Diggns. Commonly mistaken for Dr Diggins. It's just one "i", Aussie slang. Dr Diggns is located in Melbourne Australia. 

I have been a music lover, drummer, vinyl record collector, Dj and producer since a young age. 

I first fell in love with music at 8 years old, listening to my Fathers Jazz music.

Then I got a drum kit and it was all on.
Like many kids, I got into Hip Hop and Rap all the 90's trends like 2pac and Snoop Dogg and many others

Along the way, I realised this music is made from samples of old Funk, Soul and various vinyl records. My mind was blown! I started Digging for Vinyl in every op-shop and thrift store I could find exploring the world of music.

After studying visual art and sculpture at university I decide to head over to Japan and teach English, its was early 2005.. Teaching was really just a way to fund my Record collecting.
Of course, being in Japan and falling in love with Sampling, I found myself an Akai MPC 2000xl some Technics turntables and it was all on.

I had the rhythm all I needed was the tools, I spent hours traveling around Japan digging every record shop and alleyway I could find.

My love of music continued to grow the more I learned. I ended up pulling in loads of 45 Rpm and 33 Rpm Vinyl records from Japan, just as it was on the cusp of becoming a vinyl haven. Since I have traveled to Europe, Uk, China, Australia, New Zealand and more, in the search of Vinyl records to share them with the world, YOU.

Then one day late 2010... I stopped Dj'ing and producing, moved into the corporate world. Working 9-5 I lost my way, my creativity for over 8 years. Yet earned many great business skills to help me now. I was still collecting slowly and selling to record stores and on e-bay but lost my passion. 

I then realised I studied sculpture for many years, starting out as a practicing artist I have the skills to create and build. It came to me like a dream, why don't I make some handmade 45 Rpm adapters! I know how to sculpt, so I brought some tools and got cracking creating shapes and colours to vibe with my record collection, there was only one thing left to do. Start sharing with the world!

While Dr Diggns started as simply creating handmade adapters it has since grown into a full blown boutique online record store supplying to Australia's and the globes best vinyl Dj's and most avid record collectors of Funk, Soul, Hip hop and more. 

Over the years James, Dr Diggns has been involved in many music projects.
Producer and DJ from Melbourne's Underground electro hip hop group Toasters Boutique. Particle XL and DJing solo. 

Featured on Triple J, PBS radio and DJ'd now at venues around Melbourne and Sydney and Japan. Email for bookings (James@drdiggns.com.au) 


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