Forthcoming Releases

Forthcoming Releases

Well, As we continue in the pandemic.

Dr Diggns is pushing forward to continue to bring the heat down under. 

As as I know many of you wonder what the hell I will list next!?

I will now make it easier for you by updating this blog regularly and letting you know when to check in.

So rather than talking about every single release on social I will tell you.

"Check the Blog".

It has been no easy ride as of late. As the Australian economy remains in semi Lockdown. Here at The Dr Diggns HQ in Melbourne we are heading over 205+ days over 6.5 lockdowns like it will never end... So a big thanks to all who have shopped with me. I know no easy time particularly for all you DJ's out there. Special thanks to you, if you are still shopping without that extra in your pocket right now.

All support is appreciated, even if it's letting a friend or even stranger know about Dr Diggns. 

We have hope yet it's on the horizon but will take time.

In turn stock is tight I am being very selective with quanities are really focusing on PRE ORDERS. If you have shopped with me before you will know how I roll. 

I'm here to sell them.. all !! And mostly during pre order it happens. 

There is no time to waste in the record business.

Pressings are hitting non stop.

And there is a raft of options coming into view as well as NEW access to MANY more labels from the UK. 


3rd Sept: 

Love Somebody -The Allergies - Jalapeno Records 


Hold onto your hats! The Allergies are back in the building. Yes, the UK beatmakers have got an absolute one-two punch with this new 7" single, as both sides are fire-in-the-hole, future classics in the making, ready to soothe your soul and ignite the party.